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Rehana Dhirani - Teacher and Grieving Daughter, for Toronto Life

Mitch Mofit - Internet Famous for ASAPScience, for Toronto Life

Laurie Shannon - Internet Famous as The Icing Queen, for Toronto Life

Sharon Brant - Advocate for Disabled People, for Broadview Magazine

Riz Sunny - Internet Famous for My Bollywood Body - For Toronto Life

Kelsey and Becky - Internet Famous for The Sorry Girls, for Toronto Life

Mark Opauszky - Necrotizing Fasciitis survivor, for Toronto Life

Amanda Rach Lee - Internet Famous Bullet Journalist, for Toronto Life

Jeff Barnaby - "Blood Quantum" Director

Destinee Wray - Internet Famous TikTok Performer, for Toronto Life

Chris Estima - Antiquere and Historian, for Broadview Magazine

Nana Boateng Osei - Entrepreneur, for Carleton University

Leemo Han - Restauranteur amidst a pandemic, for Toronto Life

Mohamad Fakih - President of Paramount Fine Foods, for Toronto Life

Tony Humble - Ancient, Battle-Scarred Eco-Warrior, for Carleton University

Julian Morana - Barkeep amid a pandemic, for Toronto Life

Eufemia Fanetti - Author, for PanoramItalia Magazine

Tony Volpe - Special Educator and Condo Flipper

Sahil Jaggi - Realtor

Megan and Paul - Property Investment for Toronto Life

Heather Conlon - Cannapreneur

Meghan Woodworth - Avian Specialist

Zack Ward - "A Christmas Story" actor as Scut Farkus

Jason Burke - Toronto's most influential sneakerhead

Reverend Kevin Fast - A lutheran pastor who moonlights as a strongman competitor
Kathleen Wynne - Former Premier of Ontario
Convert and Interventionist - Muhammad Robert Heft
Toronto MPP - Rosario Marchese
Chelsea Fan & Subway Man - Mike Palmer
John Tory - Mayor of Toronto copy.jpg

Katie Bear, compounder with LUSH cosmetics.

Bill Blair - Former Chief of the TPS, for the National Post
Margie Singleton - CEO Vaughan Public Library
Architect at Z.A.S. - Paul Stevens
Shopkeeper - Martin Zimmerman
Quranic Scholar - Dr. Muhammad Rustom

Alex Josephson -Toronto's architecture "it" boy
Canadian Racing Legend - Ron Fellows
Entrepreneurial Educator - Tony Bailetti

Cuppa Coffee Studio Principals

Dereck Revington, designer of Toronto's Luminous veil. copy.jpg

Annette Gruno, religious rebel and advocate of minorities

Teegan Mannion, Therapeutic Clown at the Hospital for Sick Children

Elizabeth Petrova, corporate art selector at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Gonzalo, a hunter and part of the Shuar indigenous people of Ecuador

The future of journalism - Cover concept for a Costa Rican newspaper's 10th anniversary.

Maylee Todd - Toronto songbird

"Black Leaf Man"

The "1%"

Ryan Storm - Entrepreneurial teenaged food blogger, crusader for organic and whole foods.

Gregorio Guevara Espinoza is a tailor responsible for making costumes and uniforms for the celebrations in Nicoya. Part of a portrait series for The Voice of Nosara's Costa Rican Independence Day lead-up articles.

Wayne Morris, chef and owner of Toronto's Canadiana-inspired Borealia restaurant.