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Kathleen Wynne - Premier of Ontario
Toronto MPP - Rosario Marchese
John Tory - Mayor of Toronto copy.jpg
Margie Singleton - CEO Vaughan Public Library
Architect at Z.A.S. - Paul Stevens
Shopkeeper - Martin Zimmerman
The Original Sneakerhead - Mark "Jumpman" Bostic
Canadian Racing Legend - Ron Fellows
Chelsea Fan & Subway Man - Mike Palmer
Quranic Scholar - Dr. Muhammad Rustom
Convert and Interventionist - Muhammad Robert Heft
Entrepreneurial Educator - Tony Bailetti
Avian Enthusiast - Meghan Woodworth

Dereck Revington, designer of Toronto's Luminous veil. copy.jpg

Reverend Kevin Fast - A lutheran pastor who moonlights as a strongman competitor in Scottish highland games and multiple Guinness World Record holder.

Annette Gruno, representative of minorities, religious rebel, and a Canadian

Teegan Mannion, Therapeutic Clown at the Hospital for Sick Children

Elizabeth Petrova, corporate art selector at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Gonzalo, a hunter and part of the Shuar indigenous people of Ecuador

The future of journalism - Cover concept for a Costa Rican newspaper's 10th anniversary.

Maylee Todd - Toronto songbird

Olive Ridley

"Black Leaf Man"

The "1%"

David Hatt, Regional Director of Institutional Services at the Toronto West Detention Centre

Ryan Storm - Entrepreneurial teenaged food blogger, crusader for organic and whole foods.

Katie Bear, compounder with LUSH cosmetics.

The HKTK "family" of young surfers

Gregorio Guevara Espinoza is a tailor responsible for making costumes and uniforms for the celebrations in Nicoya. Part of a portrait series for The Voice of Nosara's Costa Rican Independence Day lead-up articles.

Nosara High School Music Teacher Reuben Gölcher Barquero. Part of a series of portraits for The Voice of Nosara's Costa Rican Independence Day lead-up articles.

Wayne Morris, chef and owner of Toronto's Canadiana-inspired Borealia restaurant.

Ron Keefe, owner of the Granite Brewery in uptown Toronto